Friday, June 8, 2012

Germany Visa Application

In order to bring about greater efficiency in issuing of visas, the German Consulate, Chennai, has extended their collection of visa applications and delivery process in Puducherry through VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourced consular services company.
Effective 01st December 2010, VFS Global will operate Germany Visa Application Centre in Puducherry for the applicants currently residing in and around Puducherry. However, the decision to grant a visa or otherwise would continue to remain with the German Consulate, Chennai.

How to apply?

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chennai 

All applicants applying for Schengen ( Tourist, Business, Transit etc) & all Long term visa’s are advised to visit the VFS German application centres in their respective locations to submit their application & also to schedule an interview. 

Applicants can now also fill in their Schengen visa application form ( Type A, B & C) on the “Visa Extern” online via the internet. 

Step by Step procedure/guidelines to fill the online Schengen Visa Application form ( Visa Extern Manual) - Click here 

Click here to fill in an online Schengen Visa Application form - click hear


When the new visa codex enters into force on 5 April 2010 there will also be changes to the standard visa application form. You may continue to use Visa Extern; however, you must also fill in the mandatory new application form and sign it. 

Frequent travellers(holder of at least two Schengen Visas issued in the last two years, at least one of these visas issued by any German Consulate or Embassy) may submit their applications via the Visa Application Centers without scheduling an appointment for a visa interview. This option, however, is not available for first time travellers. 

Please note that the German Consulate in Chennai issues visas only for residents in its territory of operation - Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. 

If you are travelling to Germany for business, studies, research or other reasons please read the information sheets for each category carefully. Applications with complete documentation can only be processed by the German Consulate. 

Applicants residing in the Consulate`s area of jurisdiction may obtain National as well as Schengen Visas at the German Consulate in Chennai if their main destination is Germany. Applications for Schengen Visas will also be accepted if the main destination is Iceland and Norway

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